Holistic Orthodontics in a Magical Setting

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About Rhoney Stanley DDS, MPH

My practice philosophy follows a holistic approach combined with conventional orthodontics. I avoid extractions and use expansion techniques with gentle functional appliances such as the ALF developed by Dr. Darick Nordstrom who I had the fortune of studying with in the very first of his courses. This appliance is used by osteopaths as it does not disturb the natural growth and cranial pattern. I have also been a member of the Cranial Academy and the WG Sutherland Cranial Dental Study Group since 1984, studying how the teeth and jaws interact with the body and how sensitive orthodontics can increase good airway space and improve breathing.

For pain and leasions, I am often able to resolve the problem with homeopathics and herbs, before prescription medications.​​​

I believe that oral health is related to whole health and use cranial myofascial release technique to balance my patients after orthodontic adjustments.

Education and Credentials

For undergraduate college, I went to Mount Holyoke and UC Berkeley and also received a graduate degree in secondary education. I was trained in dentistry at Columbia University and followed my dad who was an orthodontist into specialty training in orthodontics. I have the dual degree DDS, MPH, also from Columbia. To further my training in complementary health, I became certified by the NY School of Acupuncture for Physicians and Dentists. I also received a RD from the State of NY due to my postgraduate education in Weston Price Nutrition studies.  I continue to study cranial osteopathy with Dr. James Jealous who uses the gentle technique of biodynamics and Dr. Conrad Speece who, as head of the Dallas Ostopathic Study Club, is more into biomechanical treatment.  Three times per year I meet with dentists from all parts of the US to study with an osteopath and to learn techniques to balance our patients by hands on, table training with each other.

A large part of my practice is Cranial Osteopathy, as the teeth, the mouth, the jaws, the face contribute to the total balance of the body and equilibrium. Alignment is significant but no one is totally symmetrical. We all have asymmetries. Have you ever noticed how the right earring may hang lower than the left? Or how one eyebrow is up and the other is down? Or how the left side of your teeth hit harder than the right? These asymmetries in the face and the mouth are reflected in the pelvis and throughout the body. Our goal is not to line up everything in total alignment, but to feel functional and balanced in a neutral and pain-free position. Given, I cannot touch you, I am posting cranial-like moves you can do on your own, or with a partner who is part of your safety network.
This will help you open your nostrils and ease nasal breathing. Remember: nasal breathing increases NITRIC OXIDE which disrupts CORONAVIRUS.
Add another dimension by keeping your feet flat on the surface-big toe mound and inner heel down. When you lower your body, come down 1 vertebrae at a time. Make sure the back of the neck and the front of the neck are elongated and equal. You may need a support for your head to accomplish this. Push your belly button to your spine. Move the scapula of your shoulders down your back.